Hi! Welcome to projects` webpage.

After several years after i started modding various games i decided to finally gather all my work in one place and make it easier to access to the public. This site currently contains only mods for Sword of The Stars: Argos Naval Yard, UFO: Afteshock and Starfarer. Most of these mods are complete and ready to play, but there are also several projects in active development that i also show here.

In future i`ll update the 'tabletop' page of this site. It will include my several homemade games based on Master of Orion universe, Fallout universe, UFO/XCOM universe and some fantasy based RPG game. I`m currently a bit unsure if it is legal to post info on them as they are using the graphics of the original series quite excesively.

Enjoy your stay on my site. I`ll try to update it at least once per month.

Recent news:

2-03-2013:    A first large update is ready for my 'Lords of The Stars Board Game' IndieGoGo campaign.

The first update for Lord of The Stars IndieGoGo campaign includes several photos of the current game prototype (in Russian). Photos show how the game set up looks in real life, what are the star types and what they may contain, how the tokens look in game. There are also some descriptions for the shots to make it easier for non-Russians to figure out what the shot are showing.

Take a look at the game and leave a comment there, so that i an the other would see your opinion.

28-02-2013:    Launched an IndieGoGo campaign to support my board game.

The table top project that i showed you recently has reached the phase where i can finally start a campaign to raise some funds for an artist. Here you can see some fresh images and read some additional info that i haven`t posted earlier.

5-02-2013:    A 'Tabletop games' page is finally up and running.

I`ve finally got my tabletop project up to a point where i can start showing some stuff from it. The current game is a turn-based space 4X game. It can be found here. The game has a heavy focus on exploration and expansion as well as technological progress. This project requires some support, so if you are an artist or know an artist who is free and interested in some work - please contact me either by e-mail or on the forums.

17-01-2013:    A large progress update on Starfarer (now called Starsector) mod Ironclads

For the past several month i was busy updating my Ironclads mod for Starsector (old Starfarer). This work includes complete ISA and pirate ship rehaul as well as many new weapons and ships. Info on this mod can be found here and here.

3-11-2012:    SOTS TCM: the grand project is once again on the road!

TCM or Total Conversion Mod for Sword of the Stars: Argos Naval Yard got its first working cruiser. This event restarts the mod that was lying dormant for too long. More info on this TCM mod can be found here and here.

15-9-2012:    Added Project Ironclad to the modding section!

Finally i`ve finished adding info on my current mod that i`m working on almost daily. This is a Project Ironclads for a Starfarer - a game that is still in development, but already provides players with lots of joy!

26-8-2012:    Added abandoned projects to the modding section!

Added various SOTS related projects that i once started by abandoned due to various reasons. Other non-SOTS related projects will also go here once i gather all the long forgotten info for them.

26-8-2012:    SOTS TCM and UFO Aftershock ACM mods info added!

Added info for Sword of the Stars Total Convertion Mod and UFO Afterschock Advanced Convertion Mod to the corresponding sections on modding page. Info is not full and it will be filled later, but at least its something :)

26-8-2012:    Registered a forum!

Hi, i`ve just finished registering and customizing a personal forum. The forums weren`t planned. I though that a guestbook would be sufficient. But at some point i actually reconsidered it.

Feel free to register on the forums and ask questions, make suggestions, leave comments there.

A link to the forum is available on the top menu. It replaces 'other stuff' that i`ll move somewhere else. Just need to figure out where.

23-8-2012:    MODDING section is now available!

MODDING section has been added. It contains a first part of info about ACM mod for Sword of The Stars. Other projects are not yet available as well as the majority of info and images for ACM SOTS.

22-8-2012:    Site launched!

After some minor cross-platform issues the site was launched. It will be available by this adress www.okim.nickersonm.com/okim-studios until i get a proper host for it.

Currently only this page, 'about me' and 'donations' are fully working since they were the easiest to do. The next step is to add SOTS and UFO AS mods. This will be time consuming and take a lot of thinking and once again - writing. After that will come Starfarer and table top games. The last one to add will be other projects.

P.S.: sorry for many mistakes i make.

22-8-2012:    ABOUT ME is finished!

Man, that was tough! I really don`t like to write a lot and especially about myself! Feel free to read all that stuff about me that i wrote :)

22-8-2012:    The development of this website has begun!

After some concepts i came with this vision of the site. A nice top pic showing a mix of my mods with a nice splashy sign. The style is going to be greenish, however the very first concept was bluish.

Got the news system working, added quick access banners (quick links) that will lead to the mods in future (not working now), got scripted buttons.